Successful Opening Sat 1 Sept 2012 – Thank you

What a team. I meant what I said in my speech on Saturday : ” The hall is run by a wonderful team of volunteers from the local area : Rachel, Claire, Hannah, Lorraine, Vikki, Kate and Angela – you are some of the most dedicated, enthusiastic and fastidious people I have ever had the pleasure of working with – Thank you, you are doing superb job! ” You ladies have done an amazing thing – you had an idea, rallied around it, worked it out to the finest detail and implemented the idea of the Party Fayre. The amount of positive feedback was tremendous, you really re-ignited a true feeling of Community Spirit during this event. Do not underestimate what you’ve achieved; it is a sizeable achievement. Projects don’t go wrong, they start wrong. And this one is off to a superb start. Thank you team. Hugo

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